Let the mask speak, on your behalf.

As a necessity of protecting health, MaskOn respect social distance and cope with unpredicted changes in everyday life.

MaskOn._the perfect choice to express your true mood and feelings on the day. “
MaskOn._ express emotion, thoughts and lifestyle.
We support your health via personalised, quality and thoughtfully-designed masks and other products.
Tone of Life
Concept of 6 colors mask series with its emotion.
Masks bring us protection, however, hide us from expression. Mood series from MaskOn encourage you to wear mask in your unique way and stay true to yourself.

Emotions wording knock your mind.
Aloof - Grey
“Social distance in practice”
Chipper - Yellow
“Be the sunshine to brighten the brand-new day! ”
Dainty - Purple
“Remind you the mellow breeze over the Lavender fields.”
Jazzy - Peach
“A smile washes away the dust of everyday life.”
Wicked - Green
“It’s just life, so keep dancing through.”
Wintry - Blue
“It’s okay to feel a bit Meh.”