About us
“MaskOn._ express emotion, thoughts and lifestyle;
MaskOn._ the perfect choice to express your true mood and feelings on the day. “

A proper mask protects us from catching viruses, but it also blocks our expression, isolating the human touch.
Wearing a mask and social distancing has become our new norm, our new living routine. With MaskOn, it brings people closer and gets to know more each other during the protective measurements.

The outstandingly designed mask by MaskOn allows you to express yourself through the different choices of color or design. On a good day or bad day, let the mask speak on your behalf.
“MaskOn._ stands with our community to cope with unpredicted changes in everyday life.”

When the COVID-19 first outbreak, we found it challenging to source face masks from all around the world, but it was devastated to see the long queues where the locals were fighting for. That was when we germinated to form MaskOn to develop a local production line for masks here in Hong Kong for health protection reasons. Still, we also want to create a better quality product for those impacted by the pandemic. We care about Hong Kong and are here to serve Hong Kong with the best possible.

We produce quality personalized masks and daily necessities to get you through the changes without worry. We believe that sharing our idea and experiences makes life more meaningful and fun.
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MaskOn cooperated with Hong Kong local mask factory to produce masks. The factory is located in Kwai Chung, covering an area of approximately 10,000 square feet. It has the dust-free cleanroom with ISO 14644 CLASS 7 and ISO 13485 Certification in medical equipment quality management system standard. MaskOn has its independent production line and the daily output reaches 120,000 pieces. With experienced technicians and automated production equipment, the entire production and packaging process is up to standard. We are committed to ensuring the quality and stable supply in the manufacturing process, providing users with reliable and high-quality products.

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We aim to deliver quality masks and ensure a steady supply of products.